At Vitalic Sportdrinks, we believe in the power of collaboration and strive to build strong relationships with partners who share our passion for sport and health. Our partners play a vital role in supporting and strengthening our mission to provide high-quality sports drinks and support athletes to optimise their performance.
Vitalic Sportdrinks is proud to work together several sports and health organisations such as Badminton Flanders and Flemish association for nutritionists and dieticians. We are also proud partners of football club Beerschot and work together with the running magazine
All these organisations value the importance of hydration and optimal nutrition during physical activity. Our partners rely on Vitalic Sportdrinks’ science-based formula to support their members in achieving their sporting goals. Whether in marathons, cycle races, football or badminton, our drinks are designed to help athletes perform optimally and stay full of energy, even during the most demanding challenges.

Our sports drinks are therefore used by athletes at all levels and, together with our partners, we strive to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

joewen Frijns – profesional snowboarder