As an ambitious start-up, we have a small distributor network ,but keep an eye on our website for new locations where you can buy Vitalic.
At Vitalic we care about our planet which is why all our packaging is recyclable. Did you know that our Rpet bottle consists of 25% recycled material? In addition, we limit our ecological footprint by developing and producing locally as we are a Belgian company.
Unlike people with sedentary lifestyles where experts warn to limit sodium intake, athletes have an extra need for sodium due to sweating. Of all the electrolytes, sodium is the one you lose the most with sweating. The sodium in our sports drink makes you drink more and restore fluid and salt balance faster.
Gluten can be found in cereals; wheat, barley and oats, among others, contain gluten. None of these products are in vitalic. Vitalic is also vegan as we do not use ingredients of animal origin.
At Vitalic, we think it’s important to be transparent about what we put in our sports drinks. So water, sugars,minerals (sodium), natural fruit and herbal flavourings and colour pigments are all natural ingredients.
B vitamins activate natural energy in the body. This is because B vitamins are important in our metabolism. We add vitamin B6 to our sports drink because it plays a major role in burning glycogen,the carbohydrate supply in our body during exercise. Vitamin B6 thus provides energy to the muscles. We also add vitamin B12 as it plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells, which are needed to carry oxygen in the blood. Also, vitamin B12 as well as vitamin B6 helps release energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins making you feel more energetic. Did you know that 1 banana contains 28% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B6?