Responsible thirst quencher

Classic sports drinks contain a lot of sugar. But the Belgian Vitalic managed to develop a sports drink with 50% less sugars than classic sports drinks, while retaining the isotonic qualities. Vitalic offers surprising flavor combinations based on completely natural fruit and herbal extracts, is free from artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners and contains extra vitamins and electrolytes. An innovative concept made in Belgium that we want to know the ins and outs of.

Founder Niki De Vliegher developed Vitalic from his passion for tasty flavors and his love for sports. As a chef, he is always looking for unique flavor combinations. He is also an avid athlete, but has never found what he likes in the current range of sports drinks. He finds it much too sweet and sticky, with artificial flavors and unnatural colors. It prompted him to develop a sports drink that tastes good and does not contain an overload of sugars. The result: Vitalic, a sports drink that is not only technically efficient (isotonic), but above all a tasty thirst quencher. Read: not a cloyingly sweet mess, but a fresh drink that invites you to drink it again and again while exercising. APPROVED BY SPORTS DIETICIANS Vitalic collaborates with various sports dietitians. One of them is dietitian and diabetes educator Kim Vercammen. “The basis for every athlete is of course a balanced diet with the right combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, supplemented with sufficient fluid (water). It is important to stay hydrated during sporting activities lasting more than one hour.

Vitalic is a sports drink that is not only technically efficient (isotonic), but also a tasty thirst quencher.

to be replenished during exercise. When you exercise for more than 90 minutes, it is also necessary to provide extra energy. An isotonic sports drink provides fluid, electrolytes and energy, making it an ideal all-in package. It is not necessary to consume sports drinks before your training, it is sufficient to eat and drink well.”

Vercammen advises Vitalic to athletes to maintain their energy and fluid balance during long exertions. She also likes to use it herself. “What I appreciate about Vitalic is that it does not give a sticky feeling like many other brands. For people who run long distances, such as a marathon, and who ‘have to’ eat extra gels or energy bars during that effort, it is a relief that they can ‘wash it down’ with a refreshing and tasty sports drink instead of a sweet one. lot. I find the flavors of Vitalic tasty and surprising, the spicy touch is very original.”

Vitalic also works closely with runners to continue improving the products and expanding the range based on their feedback and experiences. What do our readers think of Vitalic? Kristof Wijns (marathon and ultra runner) “After a long career as a football player, I started running. Step by step I built up to a half marathon, then a marathon and last year I ran the Belgian coastline. Normally I ‘just’ run with water, but in view of my long distances I was looking for a good sports drink last summer. I didn’t find anything I liked, everything was so sticky… Until I discovered Vitalic. This sports drink has a light and refined taste and I regularly take it with me in my Camelbak during long endurance training and competitions. I sometimes also drink it before I go for a run. I know it’s not really necessary, but I find it tasty and refreshing and it always gives me a little boost!”

Matthieu Verlee (all-round runner, trail runner) “I often use sports drink, it is essential for me. I use Vitalic for various reasons. Firstly, because it is a Belgian brand and founder Niki comes from Waasland, where I also live. The most important reason is the taste of the product. Vitalic offers different flavor combinations than most brands and it is tasty too. Furthermore, my body can tolerate the sports drink well, which is of course also important. I use Vitalic during and after endurance and interval training. My favorite flavor? The blueberry-elderflower-mint combination!”

Robbe Delzeyne (cyclist, footballer, triathlete) “I practice various sports and have also run marathons in the past. A few months ago I was introduced to Vitalic through a post that caught my attention on Instagram. I took a look at the brand’s website and read several positive reviews. Moreover, the flavors in the range appealed to me: they are combinations that you don’t often encounter, such as peach-grapefruit-chili. I tried it out and I’ve been a fan ever since. I mainly use Vitalic for longer training sessions, the sports drink gives me a lot of energy. The many flavors also provide a pleasant variety.”

Wess Peeters (marathon and ultrarunner) “A few months ago I came into contact with Niki, the founder of Vital