Isotonic sportdrink with electrolytes, 50% less sugar and 100% natural flavours

If you're exceriseing longer then an hour - and specially if your workout is outdoors on a hot, humid day - it's time to think about a sports drink.
Emma Willingham

Vitalic contains: 50% less sugar | 100% natural flavours | vitamins B6 and B12 | electrolytes


Vitalic’s low sugar content makes it an premium lifestyle drink in addition to being a performance sports drink.


Vitalic stands for delicious flavour combinations based only on all-natural fruit, vegetable and herbal extracts. Free of artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and with added vitamins and electrolytes.


Vitalic is the first isotonic Belgian sports drink brand on the market with a low sugar content (dextrose and fructose) of 4.3g/100ml.


Vitalic is a premium sports- and all activities drink created and developed in Belgium. We work with athletes, sports dieticians, diabetes educators. In addition, we are partner of the professional association for nutritionists and dieticians in Belgium

What is an isotonic drink?

During exercise, you lose moisture and minerals through sweating and use sugars (carbohydrates) as fuel. An isotonic sports drink has the right ratio of sugars and minerals (salts) in it and is therefore absorbed much faster by the body, which is what we call isotonic. water that is hypotonic or soft drinks that are hypertonic are more difficult to absorb. This ensures that we can continue exercising for longer and rehydrate sufficiently after exercise, restoring the fluid and salt balance. Vitalic has an osmolality of +- 310 sOSM

Our flavours

Lemon Yuzu Verbena

The fresh sour taste of lemon combined with yuzu, a citrus species from Japan with complex aromas of lemon, lime and overtones of mandarin supplemented with the spicy citrus aroma of verveine or vervain.

Blueberry Elderflower Mint

The fruity combination of ripe blueberries with the delicate and floral aroma of elderflowers and an invigorating fresh touch of mint that complements this wonderfully.

Mango Clementine Cinnamon

The delicious softness of fragrant ripe mangoes and the delicate citrus flavor of clementine go hand in hand with the spicy and warm of cinnamon. Top combination!

Peach Grapefruit Red Pepper

A combination of soft, fragrant peaches with the delicious bittersweet citrus aroma of grapefruit and a hint of spicy chilli pepper as an energizing thirst quencher.

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